Occupational Tax

Unincorporated Henry County (District 1)

Before applying for an Occupational Tax Certificate please verify your location/address you are applying for is located in Unincorporated Henry County District 1.

Must click on select to see District Code.

Please Note If You Are Applying For An Occupational Tax Certificate It Starts The Date You Apply and Is Renewable At The First Of Year.

Business Licenses

To apply online for a new business license click here, APPLY ONLINE.    To apply in-person is by appointment only.  Please click here to schedule an appointment.  Our office only processes applications for Unincorporated Henry County, District 1.  If unsure of district number of an address/location please verify address above before applying.                                                                                                     Please contact our office for further questions 770-288-8180 opt. #5  

Print Application (MUST schedule appointment to bring completed application into office)

                      Commercial Application Packet            Home-Based Application Packet

                                             Short-Term Rental Application Packet        

One-Time Project

One-time projects are for those who have a valid business license in another state and are contracted to do work in Unincorporated Henry County.  The one-time project certificate will allow them to work and apply for permits (with appropriate state licenses) in Unincorporated Henry County.  When submitting the commercial application online please use the location you will be doing the work at, NOT the location of the out-of-state business.  Required documents that sure needed at time of submission: a copy of driver license of applicant, professional state license through Georgia, legal status/private employer affidavit (include in application packet or online)this is what the project is estimated to make.  A one-time project license is processed the same day if in person (by appointment only) or online it is processed the next day.  

         Click HERE to apply online  Commercial Application Packet   Schedule an Appointment                                                              or email questions to occtax@co.henry.ga.us.

Request a copy of your Occupational Tax Certificate. 

Please contact our office if you need a copy of your Occupational Tax Certificate at 770-288-8180 Opt. #5 or by email at occtax@co.henry.ga.us.


This information is provided as a public service to assist those persons interested in establishing and conducting a business in unincorporated Henry County only. Unincorporated Henry County includes those areas lying outside the municipal boundaries of the cities and towns located in Henry County. You may apply at the Tax Commissioners office in McDonough.

                        View Municipality Resource Page                    View Department Resource Page                                           

Business Tax Certificate

Businesses located in the municipalities must obtain Business Occupational Tax Certificates from the city or town where the business is located. A separate license/certificate is required for each service or separate location of business. Any person, including but not limited to an individual, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company (with proof of corporation), who wishes to conduct either directly or indirectly, any business within Unincorporated Henry County must secure an Occupational Tax Certificate. Occupational Tax Certificate are renewed on a calendar year basis.  Expires December 31 of each year.

Zoning Approval

All businesses require our Zoning Department's approval, while regulated businesses require some additional approvals (Fire, Building, Environmental Health, Agriculture, Planning/Development, etc.) prior to obtaining the business license.

Occupational Tax Online

APPLY for an Occupational Tax certificate ONLINE for Unincorporated Henry County



Update an existing Occupational Tax Certificate

Business name change, contact information, mailing address, phone, email or ownership type (LLC, INC, Sole Proprietorship or Partnership) are now available online or by appointment only.  For change of ownership, type of service or locations please call the office 770-288-8180 opt. #5                                      A $60.00 Admin Fee will apply for a business name change, mailing address or ownership type change outside of renewal time.  These changes will result in a New Occupational Tax Certificate to be issued.   Commercial locations will require an updated CO from the Fire Department for changes to a business name or ownership type (additional fee for a new CO will apply)       

                               Update online     Print the update form  

                         Schedule an appointment to update certificate