Property Tax

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October 7, 2021 8:40 AM

Property Tax Due November 16, 2021

Bills are mailed to the Jan 1 owner. If you have sold this property, please return the bill along with a Settlement Statement within 90 days from the due date. (Ga Code Section 48-3-3). Interest will be applied monthly after the due date. A 5% penalty will be applied every 120 days from the due date. (20% maximum) Payment Good Through date applies to Current Year Interest only. We accept US postmark only as proof of mailing, not metered mail. Questions regarding Payments: 770-288-8180 opt 3. Questions regarding Value: 770-288-7999 opt 1. PAYMENTS ARE ACCEPTED PRIOR TO DUE DATE. PAYMENT DROP BOXES AVAILABLE AT BOTH LOCATIONS.

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