How do I apply for Homestead Exemption?

Please print the Homestead Exemption application form, complete the application and bring copies of the following documents to apply:

  • Copy of the Driver's License reflecting the address of the property you are claiming Homestead Exemption as well as your spouse's Driver's License
  • Copy of vehicle registrations, all vehicles need to be registered at this address
  • Copy of the Warranty Deed
  • If you own a home in another county or state, we will need a letter from that county stating you do not have a homestead on that property
  • If divorced, we will need a copy of the Divorce Decree

You can apply in person at the Tax Commissioner's Office or print a form and mail it to the office. If mailing must be postmarked on or before April 1st, only USPS postmarked will be accepted as proof of the April 1st deadline.

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